Admin Console

The commercebuild Admin Console allows you to take control of the eCommerce experience for your clients. With the intuitive Admin Console easily manage your commercebuild solution with zero need for developers.  

Everything You Need to Manage Your eCommerce Experience

The Admin Console is a full featured eCommerce and website content management tool (CMS) that allows you to easily configure and manage your site’s features and content. It includes numerous excel based bulk upload tools that assist in streamlining the time consuming and sometimes complex process of populating a website with content. 
  • Easy to use thanks to drag and drop page design
  • Built-in CMS tool (CKEditor) that allows both WYSIWYG or HTML editing, or add custom CSS
  • Manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Multi-language and multi-currency enabled
  • Synchronize with your Sage ERP to replicate the business logic driven by your internal processes
  • Seamless upgrade when updating your Sage ERP, protecting both your Sage ERP and eCommerce investment
  • Over 750 features allow for the cross-selling of products, the setting up of custom forms, custom tags, product listings, complex product configuration, and much more

Flexibility for a Personalized eCommerce Experience

No two customers are alike. So why should their eCommerce experience with you be the same? The Admin Console is where your user access and credentials are managed:
  • Create different user groups with varying degrees of permissions to easily tailor the eCommerce experience at the customer level
  • Allow registered site users to be associated with an existing B2B account and avoid troublesome account duplication 
  • Support multiple site admins, each with unique security permissions.
  • Allow non-registered users to make a purchase or force registration on site
  • Convert registered B2C users to an AR account in Sage ERP
  • Synchronize with Sage ERP AR account number 
  • Support for multiple users per AR Account
  • Each user can have access to different functions/information via permission settings
  • Limit each user to see only their transactions or all transactions related to an Account
  • Provide permissions to convert Quotes to Orders
  • Place/track orders on behalf of your clients with full access to real-time customer activity
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