commercebuild B2B

A Highly Scalable, Performance-Based B2B eCommerce Solution



Why commercebuild B2B?

eCommerce has become a core requirement for any successful manufacturer, wholesale or distributor business. Simply having an informational site is no longer enough. B2B requirements are far more complex than for B2C retail, users increasingly expect a similar experience. B2B requires extensive personalization at the customer level, including one-off pricing, complex inventory logic, multi location delivery, multi currency and payment methods, real time access to order status and manage ongoing customer relationships.

Why spend money trying to recreate business logic in a third-party B2B system when it is already in Sage? Through intelligent replication, commercebuild reveals that logic so you can focus on investing in the customer experience.

What is commercebuild B2B?

A highly scalable, performance-based B2B eCommerce solution for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, extending your Sage-run business to the digital world. Critical, in our view, is the commercial value held in your Sage ERP system. Our software integrates with Sage in a more fundamental and meaningful way than is often considered. commercebuild is the only Sage certified eCommerce solution and the only way to deliver a true, personalized online experience for your customers.

Your customers and buyers expect to purchase when they want, quickly and with confidence. Confidence that can only be delivered with an ERP integrated eCommerce solution.

commercebuild B2B for Your Sage-Run Business


  • Exceed your customers’ evolving online expectations
  • Deliver a personalized experience for each customer
  • Increase customer satisfaction with always accurate price and inventory information
  • Increase average order value
  • Reduce back office administration costs
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Optimize operating efficiencies
  • Easy to use admin console requires no technical resources to manage
  • Ease of implementation with zero hardware costs
  • Seamless upgrade to new versions of Sage


  • Replicates customer specific pricing logic built into your Sage ERP
  • Accurate real-time inventory reporting from your Sage ERP system
  • New orders are automatically posted to your Sage ERP system for processing
  • Powerful, feature-rich platform with over 200 components
  • View all orders real-time from all sales channels
  • Integrate with numerous third-party solutions
  • Flexible, responsive templates to easily extend your brand online and to any device
  • Secure payment options which comply with your Sage ERP payment terms and credit limits
  • SEO-centric design & cross-sell capabilities

By replicating the business logic you’ve built into your Sage ERP system, commercebuild goes beyond standard integration to deliver your customers a complete end-to-end digital experience. eCommerce that goes beyond integration to maximize your Sage ERP investment. That’s commercebuild.


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