Why B2C eCommerce?

Why B2C eCommerce?

B2C ecommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy as society becomes increasingly comfortable with technology. Developing a strong web marketing presence is crucial for your online business. Equally important is having a B2C eCommerce solution that integrates with your existing ERP system.


One of the key differences between B2C and B2B is the audience. With B2B you know your audience and often can tailor their experience, such as user specific pricing. And, as a result, with B2B the pricing engine is often far more complex. With B2C you are targeting a broader audience with a more straightforward pricing model.


One area that is consistent between B2B and B2C is optimizing the user experience.

Benefits of Intelligent ERP Replication for your B2C Business

Replicating your B2C eCommerce platform with your Sage ERP system will help you:

  • Automate manual processes, saving time & money while improving accuracy of catalog data, including item descriptions, images, SEO content and product attributes
  • Provide up-to-date order information, including shipping and tracking data
  • Increase consumer satisfaction as they are in complete control of the buying process

The B2C and B2B Buying Experience Differs

Key B2C buying traits include:

  • Purchases can be more emotional and impulsive in nature
  • The B2C purchase is a one-to-one transaction, not a group decision
  • Transactions are more sporadic, one-off, instead of bulk re-orders
  • Pricing is usually upfront in the purchase process
  • Purchases are often benefit-driven

Sage & B2C eCommerce Expertise

B2C eCommerce for businesses that run Sage is what we have exclusively focused on for more than 10 years. As a result, not only do we undeerstand the nuances of B2C eCommerce, we equally understand the complexities of Sage ERP.

commercebuild has been developed from the ground up with Sage in mind. Our clients benefit from much faster and far more cost-effective site deployments and a B2C feature-set designed to leverage the investment made in Sage.




Personalized Experience 

B2C buyers will gravitate to sites that focus on the user experience

Presentation Layer: Your website is an extension of your brand online. You need to make sure your website is easy to use. But you need to ensure your website effectively represents your business, from copy to brand identity.

Navigation: No matter how useful your content is, consumers need to find it. Ease-of-use navigation is critical to consumers doing business with you online. If they can’t easily find what they want they'll simply go somewhere else.

Layout: Much like navigation, the page itself needs to be structured that makes it easy for the consumer to access. Don’t try to fit too much content onto a single page and make sure each page has a call-to-action. Focus on conversion!

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