FastTrack is a low risk, high return onboarding solution designed to ensure your eCommerce project remains on track and is delivered fast.

FastTrack gives you the confidence your eCommerce project, whether your first foray into the digital world or a migration from an existing solution, will be a successful one.

Stage 1: Plan

We meet with you to review your eCommerce project goals and requirements, and understand what success looks like for you. You will be assigned a project manager who will provide you with a detailed timeline and delivery schedule for your eCommerce project.

Stage 2: Connect

Working with the person on your team who is familiar with your Sage ERP and the server environment, we establish a bi-directional connection between your Sage ERP platform and commercebuild. Through this intelligent replication, we seamlessly extend the business logic you have built into your Sage ERP system to the digital world. No middleware required.

Stage 3: Build

Next we work on making your commercebuild platform operational. We take the information you’ve provided, or what we’ve taken from your existing site, such as product categories and content, and build out your new eCommerce solution using the agreed upon design theme. The result is a solution that both extends your brand online and intelligently replicates the data in your Sage ERP system.

Stage 4: Test

Once your eCommerce solution is built, we provide you with test scripts to allow you to stress test key aspects of site functionality, as well as browser and device compatibility. Testing ensures your commercebuild solution is operating to the level of expectation across all areas of your business.

Stage 5: Launch

Let’s get ready to launch! We provide you with a launch readiness checklist to ensure you and your customers have an amazing launch experience. This could include changes to your site URL, implementation of 301 redirects, enabling the ability for search engine robots to crawl the site and emailing your customers to share details about your new eCommerce solution.



Why FastTrack for Your Sage-Run Business?








Low Impact on Your Business Operations

FastTrack is designed to take the risk out of any potential disruptions to your day-to-day operations




Low Risk to Your Business


Managed by the eCommerce experts at commercebuild, our proven onboarding methodology has been used to successfully deliver hundreds of eCommerce implementations.


Minimal Time & Effort


In many cases, less than 15 hours of your time is required over the 60 day project. You can focus on managing your business, while we focus on your eCommerce project.


Achieve Fast ROI


Our rapid deployment methodology allows you to have a state-of-the-art webstore in as little as 60 days, so you can begin increasing revenue and decreasing operating costs.



                                                                Client Resource Requirements*



Client Hours

Client Role



5 hours

Project Lead



2 hours

IT Resource



2 hours

Project Lead



5 hours

Project Lead



2 hours

Project Lead / IT Resource

                                                                                                                              *Actual results may vary based on situation and scope


Benefits for Your Customers

  • Deliver your customers a tailored online experience
  • Give them real-time access to accurate pricing and inventory information
  • Convenience of buying when they need to, not when you’re open


Benefits of SaaS for Your Business

  • We are constantly investing in our platform to ensure you always have access to the latest eCommerce tools and features
  • Enterprise-class technology from Google Cloud Platform
  • Seamlessly upgrade to new versions of Sage
  • No hardware or software costs


FastTrack gives you confidence. Confidence your eCommerce project will be delivered on time and on budget.


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